Arborist Consultations

There are many reasons why an Arborist should be hired.  Whether you are buying a new home and want to see what types of trees are on your property, doing a construction project and trees or roots are in the building zone, observe signs of disease or death, hazardous conditions or to maintain the health and integrity of a tree would be reasons to consider. Give us a call at (707) 766-8733 to schedule an appointment. We have a Registered Certified Arborist on staff and offer the following services for a fee: 

  • Walk and talk: Arborist will observe the tree(s) in question with the homeowner or person overseeing the property to discuss the state of the trees and point out all of the options associated.
  • Walk & talk accompanied by a written report: A written report is submitted detailing the walk & talk with the arborist and homeowner.  Typical report topics include: location, species, observation and conditions, risk assessment and recommendations.
  • Tree inventory and a site map: Similar to a walk & talk and a report.  All trees on the property are documented along with their location, species, size and general health status.