Tree Care

American Tree Experts, Inc. offers a complete tree care program that is personally customized around the unique biology of your trees and landscape. Our holistic approach is designed to provide maximum health,  beauty and longevity to your property all-year-round. PHC (Plant Health Care) is the best solution for maintaining your property’s trees over  the long haul; it’s total health care for your trees—and it starts with a  tree risk assessment.

Our ISA Certified Arborist will visit your property and assess your  landscape to identify any problems or particular needs for improving and maintaining your trees and landscapes health. If necessary, The arborist will develop a custom plan for your home or business landscape based on a number of factors. We also take into consideration your goals and your budget. 

Our PHC technicians maintain landscape trees and plants by:

  • Evaluating the landscape’s environment
  • Identifying  causes of plant stress
  • Maintaining plant health through cultural practices
  • Investigating the landscape through monitoring
  • Identifying and treating problems as they occur