Stump Grinding

Basic Stump Grinding

Are you struggling to decide if stump grinding is really necessary? A tree stump can not only be visually displeasing, but it can also become a dangerous tripping hazard. An untreated stump can harbor unwanted insects and unfavorable bacteria. American Tree Experts Inc has the proper equipment for grinding all different types of stumps.

Stump Grinding and Root Eradication

This is a more extensive level of grinding which includes the stump and majority of the roots/root ball.  A tree's root system is very extensive including many buttress and fibrous roots which makes it impossible to eradicate every root.  The depth of each grind also varies depending on soil conditions and any underground utilities that might impede the grind.    

811 "Call Before You Dig'

American Tree Experts Inc. will call 811 "Call before you dig' to have all underground utility lines identified prior to any form of grinding.  In addition, the owner or person responsible for the property should communicate the yard layout and any existing utility lines prior to work commencing.  We will mark the area to be assessed with marking paint and be responsible for the call to execute the 811 ticket.